Thanksgiving And Other Shenanigans

It was a lovely time. Ten people seated at our dining room table, and the best behaved creature was Tommy the Cat, who chose to sleep on a chair rather than follow Jeebers to the basement following banishment for trying to mount the food serving table in the kitchen. I didn’t have to lift a… Continue reading Thanksgiving And Other Shenanigans

Bricks 4 Kidz Comes To Kanata!

With only a couple of weeks to go before the second annual Ottawa Maker Faire at Lansdowne Park, I thought this would be a good time to tell you about Club Square, a new facility for kids and (grand)parents that will feature zones hosting – among other things – cooking classes for teens, console gaming,… Continue reading Bricks 4 Kidz Comes To Kanata!

Scenes From A Summer Afternoon

Another summer day, another heat warning in the city. We’re the oldest family here in this municipal wading pool: the twins at 13 and my nephew at 12. I’m soaking my feet and trying to keep the crew motivated, which largely entails redirecting my youngest son when he starts scooping up plastic boatloads of water… Continue reading Scenes From A Summer Afternoon

InstaBlog: PoGO and D-I-N-Os!

What do you get when you combine a love of dinosaurs and Pokémon GO? An evening of fun at the Canadian Museum of Nature, of course! The eight PokéStops and gym are busy busy busy. Thankfully, there’s free Wi-Fi and charging stations to help the trainers out. I had some luck with winning in the… Continue reading InstaBlog: PoGO and D-I-N-Os!

The Sweet, Sweet Taste Of Lemonade

I was pleased as punch to read the statement from the National Capital Commission regarding this past weekend’s shut-down of an Ottawa lemonade stand operated by two young sisters who wanted to raise the money to go to summer camp. Essentially, the NCC admitted that the situation could have been handled more appropriately, and are… Continue reading The Sweet, Sweet Taste Of Lemonade