Seaway Train Show 2016

We don’t need much of a reason to spend weekends taking day trips up and down Highway 2 between Prescott and Cornwall, but this time was particularly awesome because model trains were involved.  Today’s was an afternoon well spent at the Seaway Train Show, located at the Long Sault Arena in Long Sault, Ontario. ​​… Continue reading Seaway Train Show 2016

The Sweet, Sweet Taste Of Lemonade

I was pleased as punch to read the statement from the National Capital Commission regarding this past weekend’s shut-down of an Ottawa lemonade stand operated by two young sisters who wanted to raise the money to go to summer camp. Essentially, the NCC admitted that the situation could have been handled more appropriately, and are… Continue reading The Sweet, Sweet Taste Of Lemonade

RECIPE: Montreal Steak Spice Meatballs

I decided to try making these for supper this evening as an alternative to meatloaf or patties. They do have a kick to them on account of the amount of Steak Spice. My kids thought I should try using 1/4 or even 1/8 cup. (I think they need to develop taste buds!) *** SERVES: 6… Continue reading RECIPE: Montreal Steak Spice Meatballs