Welcome To The Playborhood

I think I have now figured out the real reasons why parents don’t want their child(ren) to play outdoors unsupervised. In addition to being spared the rod when naughty, children must also be spared the deep, painful, impossible to scratch itch that manifests in the layers of skin separating a broken bone from the exterior… Continue reading Welcome To The Playborhood

Who Killed Hallowe’en?

I’ve got a wild hair today. I don’t know who or what originally decided that Hallowe’en shouldn’t be observed as anything other than Orange and Black Day, but now it has a new name: Character Day. What in the name of Jack Skellington is a Character Day, and why has it supplanted Hallowe’en in the… Continue reading Who Killed Hallowe’en?

Thanksgiving And Other Shenanigans

It was a lovely time. Ten people seated at our dining room table, and the best behaved creature was Tommy the Cat, who chose to sleep on a chair rather than follow Jeebers to the basement following banishment for trying to mount the food serving table in the kitchen. I didn’t have to lift a… Continue reading Thanksgiving And Other Shenanigans

In Which Kanga Is Getting To Know The Gilmore Girls

It’s official: thanks to Netflix, I am now a fan of the series Gilmore Girls. As of right now, 4:13 a.m., I am two-thirds of the way through Season 1 and want to move to a town like Stars Hollow. I need a Luke in my life with a diner where I can drink coffee… Continue reading In Which Kanga Is Getting To Know The Gilmore Girls

In Which Kanga Attempts To Harness Her Aging Inner Goddess

My WordPress stats tell me that one person viewed my previous post. Hello, Lone Reader! You’re here for a treat today! If you are prone to fits of side-eye or your tummy gets queasy at the mere mention of the female reproductive system, then this post is not for you. If you like a good… Continue reading In Which Kanga Attempts To Harness Her Aging Inner Goddess

Hey! Razzos! Leave These Kids Alone!

Is it strange to feel protective over someone else’s daughter? What if the parent in question is a top-tier celebrity? A clickbait site posted nine long-lens shots of Lourdes Leon wearing a bikini and titled it Madonna’s Daughter Parties on A Beach In A Tiny Bikini. Subheading? Is the daughter taking after her mom? Maybe,… Continue reading Hey! Razzos! Leave These Kids Alone!