Nine Days Old, And Home At Last

The past nine days have been one helluva ride.

Would we change anything about it? Eh. Hm. Nah.

Baby M is a delight. She is tiny, but quite fierce. She puts up a wail that makes her aunt’s seem like a gentle trill, but only when she has a dirty diaper. She’s overcome a weak suckle and is eating well.

She loves Curious George (when read by her father), and Beatrix Potter books (when read by me). I’ve seen her grin, stick out her tongue, and her round blue eyes bear a certain mischievous twinkle.

It will be the family’s first Christmas with a newborn that won’t be spent in a NICU. For those among you who will find themselves in this situation, my heart and good wishes go out to you. My first Christmas with the twins was spent with one baby in a hospital 450 km from home, awaiting heart surgery; and the other in the NICU here at CHEO, as she overcame feeding difficulties. Breastfeeding was a non-starter, and pumping not much better, even with a prescription for Domperidone. So I’m heartened by the uptick in lactation support for new mothers, and even more so that MomG is able to provide for her baby.

And so, so glad that my granddaughter is here. Even if that means drinking instant coffee at home because the drive-thru budget was blown on hospital parking fees.

Ladies in toques. How totally Canadian.
“Don’t make me hold her. I don’t want to drop her,” said my other favourite young lady.


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