Hey! Razzos! Leave These Kids Alone!

Is it strange to feel protective over someone else’s daughter? What if the parent in question is a top-tier celebrity?

A clickbait site posted nine long-lens shots of Lourdes Leon wearing a bikini and titled it Madonna’s Daughter Parties on A Beach In A Tiny Bikini.

Subheading? Is the daughter taking after her mom?

Maybe, if Madonna wanted to enjoy a day at the beach and not have to worry about being relentlessly photographed. Both mother and daughter are in excellent physical shape and have clearly reaped the benefits of a good diet and mental discipline, so there’s also that.

Besides, nothing screams I AM A WILD PARTY like a 19-year-old young woman in red plastic sunglasses, hair pulled into a twist bun, standing in the water chatting with her friends.

I’m sure that both Lourdes and her mother are long since inured to paparazzi presence in their ordinary-not-ordinary daily lives, but these photos have taken it a step too far. This is granting unearned permission to gawp at a someone’s teenage daughter in a bikini. I wish in situations like this photographers would forget about their payday and just not go there.

See, I’m old enough to remember when Madonna was pregnant with Lourdes and I myself became a mother for the first time less than a year later. Back then I followed Madonna’s pregnancy as presented by the media and I couldn’t get enough of the baby pictures and how stinking cute Lourdes was, how and why her name was chosen, and clearly the pride of her parents.

Am I just as guilty of feeding the monster when I bought the magazines with her toddler and childhood pictures?  The truth is murky; the answer is, probably; but you’ll also see that I haven’t republished those bikini shots here.




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