In Which Kanga Tries Her Hand At Targeted Wedding Marketing

Now that Baby M’s parents are engaged to be married, wedding-related marketing has begun piquing my interest anew.

Maybe this is evidence that I shouldn’t eat an entire candy bar before reading a tweet posted on behalf of a magazine that begins, “Grooms! Have you considered laser hair removal before your #wedding day?”, but I found it very amusing – forward-thinking, yes; it’s not just the bride’s special day (it’s true, so kindly stop throwing your cake toppers at me), and of course every groom of worth wants to look good at his wedding – and I have the irresistible urge to promote the cause with a catchy slogan or two.

Brides! There is no WOW in unibrow! Send your fiancés to us TODAY!

Does bae have a hairy back? We can get him back on track!

Just say no to furry toes!

I should probably stop there. Somewhere in the world, someone is reading this post while eating, and, yeah.

I just wish someone had told me about this when I married the first time, because grooming the groom shoulda (coulda? woulda?) topped the budget for sure.

See how happy they are? Now to invest in some groom-worthy coif tamer….
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