Adventures In Free Wi-Fi (High School Edition)

Once upon a time, there was a young teenage girl who maxed out her data plan and then some less than a week into the new billing cycle.

Since the young girl shares an account with her older brother’s fiancée, who for reasons that should be obvious is quite cautious about how their money is spent, the girl’s data plan was cancelled.

Consequently, the young girl has depended on the kindness of friends, family, and the local Tim Hortons for her app gaming, Netflix, and music download needs.

Until today.

The young girl’s high school has an agreement with the local branch of the public library for the use of its facilities as the library for the school.

So she sent a series of text messages to her mother, who was attempting to avoid both human contact and the laundry pile, in stealth mode.


This exchange also reminded the young girl’s mother that there are unpaid fines on the account, and that it would be wise to go in, plead forgiveness, and settle the debt.

For blessed is the family who loves books and the printed word so much, that books are sometimes misplaced in the house and due dates roll over into weeks. At this rate, the young girl’s mother thinks, it’s probably equally cost-effective to just go to Indigo and buy the books outright.


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