In The #Brangelina Divorce, It’s Absolutely All About The Children

It’s heartwrenching when a couple gets a divorce, and moreso when there are children involved.

Celebrities by virtue of having Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie as parents, the six Jolie-Pitt kids have been on my mind more than usual, which is to say I ended a long-standing abandonment of gossip publications and gave their story some attention.

Speaking for myself, despite the why’s and where’s of how they got together in the early naughts, I thought Brad and Angelina would stay married pretty much forever. As children were added to the family, the Jolie-Pitt brand resembled a series of United Colors of Benetton ads, and it looked good on them.

I’m neither #TeamJen nor #TeamAngelina. It’s tempting to choose sides but really, no one here is a winner. Jennifer Aniston – who has also remarried – may well have taken thirty seconds the other day within earshot of a well-placed source to comment on her ex-husband’s karma, but that’s probably the only thing she’ll say about it that will appear in print. A reputation for being nice aside, Aniston is the daughter of two actors whose divorce when she was nine years old eclipsed civility, and odds are she’s going to give more thought to her ex-husband’s children and how they will be coping, especially since the reason for the Jolie-Pitts’ divorce seems to have vaulted from suspicion of adultery to a full-on child abuse investigation of Brad Pitt.

If there’s a team to join, it’s #TeamJPKids. (Please, go ahead and use the hashtag.) They didn’t ask for any of our attention to begin with, and given the direction that their parents’ split is purportedly taking, they’re going to need emotional support.

Angelina Jolie with daughters Zahara and Shiloh.
Image Source: Getty / Kevin Winter

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