InstaBlog: PoGO and D-I-N-Os!

What do you get when you combine a love of dinosaurs and Pokémon GO?

An evening of fun at the Canadian Museum of Nature, of course!

The eight PokéStops and gym are busy busy busy. Thankfully, there’s free Wi-Fi and charging stations to help the trainers out.

I had some luck with winning in the gym, but before I had the chance to leave one of my pocket monsters behind, someone else had taken my place!

What we really came here for, though, was the Ultimate Dinosaurs exhibit. Super impressive and well worth the minimal extra charge ($10) per person.

What will we find here?

You should have seen my youngest son’s face when he could relate the ancient creatures of Madagascar to Madagascar!

All hail King Julian!

You know an exhibit is a winner when a child wants you to adopt a live dinosaur and a lemur as pets.

The Pokémon GO Party ends at 8:00 tonight. You can check out Ultimate Dinosaurs until September 5th.

Happy hunting!

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