In Defense Of Kissing Mothers

I don’t know if any photographs exist of me receiving a kiss on the lips from a family member when I was a kid, but you can bet if I track one down I am going to amend this blog post to include it.

What’s she on about now?

I’ll skip right to the point.

Victoria Beckham and her daughter Harper.

Say what you like about the style of clothes Victoria Beckham has designed, or the type of music she used to make when she was known as Posh Spice; but even I at my most cynical won’t touch VB when it comes to the love she expresses for her children. Harper, in particular, was the long-awaited daughter after the births of three sons.

If there’s anything in the birthday photo VB posted on Instagram three days ago to mark Harper’s fifth birthday (fifth birthday! Holy crap!) that should incite even the most querelous of comments, it’s that Harper doesn’t seem to be wearing anything above the waist – but here, again, she’s five years old and I seem to recall that when my daughter was five I wasn’t easily bothered over something like a missing t-shirt as long as she was wearing a wide-brimmed hat and covered in sunscreen.

It seems to me that in yet another race to the bottom to make something out of nothing on social media, folks have forgotten that public displays of genuine affection between parents and young children are normal, and beautiful, and all too rarely seen.



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